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We love Rocketspark's website builder

Rocketspark sum up exactly what they can provide:

Beautifully simple websites.

Why Rocketspark website builder makes so much sense

A few years ago, the idea of building your own website was a possibility but the options were limited. Despite what some platforms boasted, to get a professional result, it was unlikely that a DIY solution was going to reward you. The reality for small businesses was that a web developer was ultimately going to be needed and at that point, allocating or indeed acquiring a marketing budget to pay for it meant internal justification and the building of a strong business case.

The added value

The great thing that Rocketspark has enabled is value. The budget that historically would have been put aside for a 6 page website (a simple 'brochure' site in other words) can now be utilised for content writing, SEM and data analysis. The cash that paid for design and development can now be spent on what really matters - and as we all know, good content is what fuels audience engagement.

What Rocketspark offers is a suite of templates that can be adapted to suit. Like all template-based products, there is a degree of limitation but it depends how you view this. In our opinion, this is a strength not a weakness since there is nothing worse than a website that is riddled with inconsistencies whether that is incongruous fonts, conflicting page layouts or off-brand colour intrusions. 

What we love about this piece of software (and makes Rocketspark stand head and shoulders above the rest) is the seamless experience between front-end and CMS and if you've ever experienced a clunky, distinctly non-user-friendly CMS this platform will seem like a breath of fresh air.

Struggling with content?

Digital Doctor can do everything from scratch or do the bits you can't so the power is firmly with the business owner. Decide upon the resources you have internally and let us take up the slack. Remember that this is just the beginning.

Rocketspark websites are fully responsive, SEO is taken care of, plug-ins are available but we offer more besides beautifully performing websites. Let us guide you through what happens after. Bake the cup cake and improve the icing every time. Excuse the baking analogy but we are foodies...

If you’re interested in getting more information from us at Digital Doctor and find out how we can help you create a website using the Rocketspark platform then contact


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