A no-nonsense approach to digital consultancy

Digital Doctor is about offering smart, impartial, jargon-free advice. If you think you have an issue with website performance, you're probably right. Our aim is to arm you with the right information and get it fixed.

Thinking about a new website? Let us build it for you and take the stress out of going online - we understand that producing the content and imagery needs time and expertise and you may simply not have the time to take it on yourself or know enough about UX to get it 100% right.

Need help building a social media strategy and managing it? We can help you get started, build your profile and devise an activity schedule that either we, or you manage. The idea is that we give you the know-how so you can go forward in leaps and bounds. Alternatively, we can replicate the 'voice' of your company and do everything for you (including the writing of news and blogs). It's one less headache to think about.

Website launched for Cartref House Loch Ness

We were asked by the owners of Cartref House to build a website for them that would showcase the lovely features of this self-catering property as well as provide a useful resource for peopleRead more

Content strategy

Does yours have all the right ingredients?Read more

We love Rocketspark's website builder

Rocketspark sum up exactly what they can provide: Beautifully simple websites.Read more

How to write a blog brilliantly

Perfect the art of blogging and you'll be in business!Read more

Linden Hill Homes - new website launch

Being a UK Rocketspark Silver Partner, Linden Hill Homes were referred to us by the guys at Rocketspark who had been approached about using the platform to build a new website.  A property developmRead more

What are the business benefits of blogging?

We look at the data available which demonstrates that blogging can really add value to your business. Read more

Blogging: How do I include a blog into my marketing strategy?

At Digital Doctor, we believe that blogging on a regular basis will benefit your business. Blogging adds content to your website and promotes your brand. Read more

Which website builder should I use?

Once you taken the preliminary steps in building a website and discovered how easy is it to structure a website, you're now in a position to begin the actual build. We've listed out the elements toRead more

How easy is it to structure a website?

This is the second in a series of blogs that aims to help you plan and build a website. There's a lot to think about and consider and in the first blog, Building a Website we covered:Read more

Building a website

Building your own website is not that difficult - you just need to make sure you consider all the elements and plan its structure*. Once done, finding the right platform is the tricky part. We love tRead more

Tally Ho Inn

The Tally Ho Inn in Littlehempston, Totnes was struggling with an inherited one page website that needed overhauling. With a fantastic history, this 14th century pub in Devon is a lovely haven for boRead more

Tulip Accounting

The superb team at Rocketspark has been working tirelessly this year to roll out some pretty impressive design features and making desktop and mobile easier to customise.  As one of our firstRead more

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