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Breatherapy works

We responded to a brief from a potential new client. Alan Ball wanted to promote his new venture, Breatherapy and educate followers in the practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork.

From Alan's own personal experience, he'd found that breathwork had literally transformed his life. Having suffered from chronic back pain for some time and investigated various techniques to alleviate his symptoms and improve his mental wellbeing, he had been introduced to a beginner's class in breathwork principles. 

The pandemic, with its corresponding lockdowns represented an opportunity for Alan to undertake a 12 month breathwork instruction course to become a qualified practitioner.

Breatherapy - a spiritual journey

We wanted to design a website which represented the spirituality and serenity which breathwork represents whilst explaining the practical benefits.

Alan's story is very much a part of what breathwork is all about and we wanted the website to work around Alan as the central concept. The colour palette, choice of images and the page content was devised to stimulate feelings of warmth, security and care.

In practical terms, the website offers an overview of how breatherapy works and how you can join sessions and workshops which will demonstrate the techniques. You'll find out how you can increase your lung capacity by applying abdominal breathing, which in turn lowers your heart rate. How breatherapy improves muscle growth whilst reducing muscle tension and how it will increase energy levels and improve your sleep.  

Once the site went live, we managed an Instagram marketing campaign to create a social presence which reflects Alan's ethos and personality. In addition to daily posts, over the course of a month, we tracked and followed like-minded Insta influencers, followers and groups to promote the website and the concept of breatherapy. 

Are you looking for a new website for your business?

We're very proud of this website and feel we have encapsulated Alan's message and aura.

If you like the look of this website and also need a site that reflects you, yet is also professional, SEO-optimised, affordable - yet is easy to update - contact us, we really would like to help!


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