What we offer

Our approach is to look at your online activity and see where we can help. We can help you with content strategy, social media marketing, email marketing and website performance.

In addition, we can look at every page on your website, evaluate its effectiveness and help you improve it so the search engines love it. We can even write it for you from scratch. We love the Rocketspark blog functionality - writing blogs really does make a difference to your listings in Google and Rocketspark make it easy to do.

Website build

If you need to refresh your website and don't know where to start, we can help with that too. We're advocates of the website builder Rocketspark which gives you some great templates to choose from and results in professional websites every time.

This doesn't mean all the websites look the same. Far from it. The degree of customisation is extensive and extra editing functions are regularly rolled out.

Website audit

If your website is more than 2 years old, there's a good chance it needs some housekeeping and some TLC. Our report will look at overall structure, content, UX issues and check under the bonnet to ensure that meta data is working for search engines. If we find anything that needs raising with your developer or SEO partner, we'll explain it to you in language you understand but makes sense to them too.

Regular reports

Whether your site is in its infancy or has been up and running for a while, its use to you as a marketing tool is limited if you're not analysing it regularly.
It's crucial that you harvest data from your site and social media to enable you to steer future updates and content strategy. We look beyond the data and turn it into information and insight. How else will you target new audiences (as well as existing) with relevant content?

The right direction

Clients often come to us and know what they need but find it a challenge evaluating the options and making a decision. If you're unsure, we can help by offering impartial advice - such as choosing the right email marketing tool or which social media platform you would be best placed to focus on.
When you're presented with so much to choose from, remember the first option isn't always the best.

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