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Website refresh for JSM Passive Fire Protection

We've already stressed the importance of keeping your website up to date in our blog, 'Why it pays to update your website regularly'. We compiled what we thought were the 3 most compelling reasons for keeping your site up to date - allowing it to evolve over time rather than be left to fester until it gets to the point where a complete rebuild is necessary. 

Just over a year old and the website we designed and built for JSM Passive Fire Protection has already undergone a refresh. We were only too delighted the team at JSM got back in touch and asked us to update the site to reflect the fantastic work projects JSM has undertaken over the last 12 months. 

Hero panel - extras added

On every page, the hero panel has been updated and the home page now has a refreshed carousel. We selected images on the basis of appearance on both desktop and mobile, understanding that JSM's client base are often out on site and mobile use is likely to be the default option. 

Gallery - more images

The JSM team is particularly good at taking pictures of various projects. It means that we have a bumper gallery and one thing we love about a Rocketspark website is the page speed. (You might be interested to learn that the work done on this by Rocketspark was a big development and when they tested identical sites that had been created on Wix and Squarespace the Rocketspark sites were faster. )   

Delineation update

As you can see from the example below, we've modified the image (taken from the logo) to split certain sections. The full logo is now displayed but we were careful not to make it too large thereby interrupting the flow of the content. The idea is to maintain a certain amount of distance in order to rest the eye and allow for a more leisurely page scroll. (Ed - don't know about you but we hate being rushed when we're reading a web page or being confronted with copy that seems to go on and on and on...)

Social media profile imagery

Keeping that brand consistency on all channels should not be overlooked. That's why we ensured that JSM's profiles on each of its social media platforms were updated with a montage of the website's home page imagery. 

Thinking of updating your website?

With Rocketspark it is so easy to do updates - however you need to get your website migrated over before you can get cracking. Talk to us if you need help or advice.


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